Zest Up Your Life with a Spring Bucket List!

I love every season, but spring is the most fun to watch. Every day there’s a new progression, a new leaf or flower, lambs in the fields, hatchlings chirping… as nature responds to the beckoning sunshine and warming winds.

Spring is a period of freshness, of new beginnings, both of which I love. Over the past few weeks I have felt the spring fever growing in me and with this article I will infect you with this tickling feeling! (Sound strange?? Don´t worry this is a literal Dutch translation from ´lentekriebels´, keep reading and you will totally get what I mean!)

If after winter you feel that life has fallen into a bit of a boring routine, you can zest up your life this spring by doing one of my favourite activities ever: creating a seasonal bucket list!

Creating a Spring Bucket List is a wonderful way to shake off those late winter blahs… It gives you hope for a sunnier, happier future! Read on, I will explain a little bit about my Spring Bucket List and how you can make one too.

  1. De-clutter!

Decluttering makes you more efficient and keeps you organized. But more than that, clutter has psychological influences. It signals to your brain that work isn’t done. Studies have shown that a disorganized home adds to your stress level. Coming home to a pile of unsorted laundry or a cluttered desk causes psychological stress and can take its toll. So, time to start clearing out!

Set aside some time to:

  • Organize your wardrobes and drawers
  • Go through your book shelves
  • Have a critical look at your kitchen supplies, cutlery, tableware, pots and pans etc.
  • Look through that dreaded junk drawer
  • Clean up your hard disk and digital photo collection
  • Have your kids join in as well, give them a box and ask them to fill it up with donation items.

Don´t ask yourself if you want to keep something (the answer is often “yes”) but ask yourself if the item makes you happy. The answer to that is often “no”… Only keep the stuff that really makes you happy. I can guarantee it will make you feel wonderful! Because after the decluttering all that is left are things that make you happy and a lot of airiness! And to quote the Japanese queen of de-cluttering, Marie Kondo, “To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose”.

You may well be surprised how fresh you feel after you eliminate unnecessary “stuff” from your life.

2. Take care of unfinished business!

A spring de-clutter is a great start, but do you also have a whole host of ´lose ends´ in your house and life? That broken light switch, the loose door handle, the window frame that needs paining, the dishwasher that needs to be repaired, the car that needs to be serviced, the bike light that needs to be replaced, that annoying malfunction on your smartphone, the batteries that you still have to buy for that clock, the broken zip on your bag, that subscription you´ve been meaning to cancel…

A spring clean feels good, but getting all those unfinished things done feels great! So write down what annoys you in and around your house and in your life and tackle those things one by one. Block a weekend in your calendar and get all of these things done and you will see that with each ´fix´ you will feel lighter! A life without minor annoyances feels like an upgrade. And that feels wonderfully quiet…

3. Make room for renewal

When you have ticked points 1 and 2 off your bucket list, your house (and therefore your entire life) will feel “like new” again. But you can go one step further and freshen up a little more.

You can think of very simple things, such as changing the wallpaper of your phone (it is surprising how your phone suddenly feels “new” with a different background colour or photo), putting some flowers on your table or getting some cheerful accessories down from the attic. You could also go even further to some more radical change, like painting a wall a different colour, buying some beautiful plants for your garden or printing some nice pictures for your wall.

But you do need to be critical. Don’t start buying new stuff to replace the old stuff. Ask yourself if the things you buy really make you happy. Give it a score from 0 to 100. Does the potential purchase score below 90? Then leave it in the shop. The goal is not to replace old with new, rather to only live with things that really make you happy.

4. Get outdoors!

It´s time to go outside! Daylight and fresh air are healthy, and now that the weather is getting better, it’s time to take advantage of it.

Walk your dog, work in the garden or on your balcony, take a walk during your lunch break, go for a walk with a friend instead of sitting on the sofa. Read a book in the spring sun on a bench in the park, visit a nice city at the weekend or go to a beautiful nature reserve.

By spending more time outdoors, you will feel so much better. Daylight improves your mood!

So take your chance and enjoy the wonderful spring smells. Don’t postpone it because before you know it, spring will be over!

5. Grow something

Spring is the time to plant something. Anything. Consider adding a tree to your back garden, growing your own herbs (you can even grow herbs indoors), or start a vegetable garden. Even if you are not a dedicated gardener, you’ll love the intention and participation of helping something grow. Earth Day is the 22nd April, so that might be a fun time to schedule your planting. If you want to start small, try a balcony herb garden. Parsley, oregano or rosemary? Plant whatever your taste buds enjoy and your future culinary masterpieces need. Then nurture your garden and watch it grow!

6. Shop at Farmer’s Markets

Late spring is the season for farmer’s markets. Get your reusable bags and load up with fresh fruits and vegetables for tonight’s dinner. One of the yummiest and healthiest of the Spring Bucket List ideas!

Farmer’s Markets offer year-round local, fresh produce, depending on your location. However, spring and summer are the ideal seasons to visit one no matter where you live. You’re supporting local business and it´s a wonderful place to breathe in the fresh air and take in all the various colours and textures of the food before you.

If you’re not a regular, don’t go with the expectation or stress that you have to hunt down the best price. Instead, set aside a little budget that you can feel free to spend on whatever takes your fancy…

I plan to zest up my spring season by ticking off every single point from my list! I am going to document my experiences achieving each of these goals, and I will keep you posted of my journey via social media!

So…. What are you going to put down on your spring bucket list?

Written by your SISters in Wellness Femke

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