The benefits of Self Massage and how to do it

Our mission here at SIS is to help you become a better YOU. By eating healthily, keeping fit, finding balance, controlling your stress levels and in general to be HEALTHY & HAPPY. 

In these strange and stressful times it is more important than ever to look after yourself and to stay positive and relaxed! How?! Since you cannot go out for a spa visit or a wellness trip you should pamper yourself a little, so why not try SELF MASSAGE.

Having a massage every now and then is very beneficial, it balances your body and mind. Since going out for a massage is not an option these days, alternatively you can give yourself a massage! Self Massage really isn´t difficult and can easily be included into your daily routine. Self Massage is an expression of self-love from head to toe and nicest when you use warm oil.

Touch is an important human need. Massage has a positive influence on hormone balance. The skin is the largest organ of the body; it produces naturally occurring anti-depressants, anti-cancer and anti-ageing substances and also hormones that improve circulation. Self-massage is relaxing, energetic and nurturing. It is nourishing for body, mind and soul. A short massage of 5 minutes is sufficient, but 20-30 minutes is better. The massage is best performed in the morning, to support the energy levels throughout the day.

How to give yourself a massage:

  • Reserve time for your massage
  • 5-10 minutes is enough time to massage the oil over your body
  • Start with a small amount of oil in your hands and rub the oil on the scalp and the hair with your fingertips. If you prefer not to apply oil to your hair, omit this step
  • Vigorously massage every part of your body with the oil
  • Use long strokes on your limbs and circular movements over your joints, chest and abdomen
  • Allow the oil to work in for 20-30 minutes before you shower, but if you don’t have time, you can also rub the oil onto the skin instead of using soap. Soap dries out the skin. It is best to shower without using soap. The thin layer of oil that remains on the skin after bathing keeps the skin hydrated. Instead of soap you can also try a herbal bath powder.
  • Do this daily

You could use sesame, coconut, almond or sunflower oil and to enhance the effect you can infuse the oil with fresh herbs and flowers.

Breath in, breath out, relax and ENJOY!

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