The 5 best Mindful Places in Spain

Many of my friends went (and still go) on vacation in the classic hotel with all-inclusive catering, because you cover all the costs there and theoretically there are no more expensive surprises to come…LOL, but you can quickly have a few more kilos on the ribs.

My parents were more of a sporty type of hiker, non-hotel vacationer, so we got in the car and drove hundreds of kilometres to neighbouring countries; with luggage, a dog and 2 children, it could get a bit cramped.

mindful holidays by SIS Wellness Holidays

A hiking vacation was our classic family holiday. We went to pensions or holiday apartments, either with breakfast, but mostly with self-catering or maybe we went to a restaurant in the evening.

As a child, I found these hiking holidays rather okay, yet after my brother and I had once wished to go on a plane and to a hotel, a classic beach holiday, we went to Bulgaria for one summer holiday. But after that we returned to our hiking holidays, it was just more fun for us. Every year in winter we also went on a skiing holiday, back to our beloved mountains…

The peace and quiet in the mountains, the cosiness of the mountain huts, the reserved nature of the inhabitants of these mountain villages and the hours of hiking in nature without distraction, no cell phones, shops or traffic were my first “mindful moments”. I could switch off and felt infinitely good, my thoughts could flow and I enjoyed little things like the enchanting mountain stream, the butterfly on the flower, wild animals…

I loved our vacations, I have grown very fond of the mountains and so it surprised some of my friends that I went from Germany to go and live in Mallorca. Yet what many do not know is that Mallorca is not only beaches but also mountains, the Sierra Tramuntana is even a World Heritage Site! And now I live at the foot of these mountains and love it every morning, when I go for the first walk with my dog ​​in the dark, to see the sun rise, in all the warm colours you can imagine. Every morning and every sunrise is unique! So, this is my first “mindful moment” to start the day with – me, my dog and the sunrise.

mindful holidays by SIS Wellness Holidays, Mallorca, Spain

Many people find it difficult to incorporate “mindful moments” into everyday life or have no idea how to start living more consciously, focusing on the moment and thus reducing stress.

Therefore, a hotel that specializes in relaxation/coaching can be very helpful in dedicating yourself extensively to the topic of mindfulness.

So here are our “Top 5 of Mindful Places in beautiful Spain“:

Shanti Som Wellbeing Retreat

Because it is simply a fantastically beautiful and unique place where relaxation sets in as soon as you arrive. They even offer a program specialising in mindfulness. “Balance in life” offers a wonderful mix of meditation, yoga, Reiki, coaching and much more.

Sharanam Yoga & Counselling Retreat

Here you will find peace and quiet, very personalised coaching sessions and unique yoga sessions. Simply a warm homely atmosphere in a very small cosy retreat in the midst of nature!

mindful holidays by SIS Wellness Holidays, Mallorca, Spain, Sharanam Retreat

New Life Portugal Wellbeing & Coaching

For those who suffer from depression, burnout, anxiety or chronic stress. Or if you seek out authentic and enduring change. This retreat offers a unique approach to mental health and wellbeing that combines mindfulness-based community living and research-driven counselling.

New Life Portugal Retreat for burnout, coaching, mindfulness by SIS Wellness Holidays

El Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel

Can you imagine going to a hotel where they not only take care of your physical wellbeing but also your emotional wellbeing? This one has it all, from an exceptional setting next to the Mediterranean Sea to very personalised programs with the intention of improving nutrition, health, fitness and mental wellbeing, combined with the benefits of thalassotherapy. They offer mindful classes and even have a mental wellbeing coach for personalised sessions.

La Crisalida Retreat

This retreat has a very supportive environment where you are able to reset your body with a healthy kick-start and enjoy the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Yoga, detox, meditation, exercises, everything contributes to start with the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamt of.

La Crisalida Retreat in Spain for Yoga, detox, mindfulness by SIS Wellness Holidays

So take your pick! Plenty to choose from to (re)find some peace of mind 🙂

written by your SISter in Wellness Julia

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