Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot… (part 3)

In the last part of our Sauna trilogy we would like to pay attention to a very special kind of sauna which we have come across in Spain.

Spain is extremely rich in thermal springs. The country has about 2,000 registered thermal springs, all in a beautiful natural setting. Mineral resources are located in places where there is an abundance of natural mineral springs from deep underground springs. Mineral springs where the water  rises from underground with a temperature of at least 5°C higher than the ground, are called thermal springs. This thermal water is known for its healing properties.

In the province of Murcia you will find the historic Balneario de Archena. Their medicinal mineral water spring was already declared of public utility in 1869. Here the water is coming to the surface at a temperature of 52.5°C and has a residence time inside the earth of 15,000 years. This water is classified as chlorinated, sulfur, sulfate, sodium and calcium rich water, which have medicinal properties.

At the place where the water is coming to the surface the Spa centre has created an ¨Estufa Natural¨, which means a natural steam bath. In an underground cave they have created a ¨room¨ where the water seeps through the walls at a temperature of 52,5°C. The heat of the water combined with a humidity of more than 90% creates a natural steam bath. The combination of the setting of this sauna, the natural steam and the medicinal properties of the water contribute to a unique sauna experience!

A maximum stay of 15 minutes is recommended with intervals of 5 minutes in which one takes a cold shower to cool down.

The properties of the medicinal mineral waters of Spa Archena are an excellent natural remedy for ailments both physical and general welfare to retrieve the body. These waters have the ability to provide relaxation and rest needed to improve the defence system, while favouring the maintenance and improvement of the joints and facilitate the repair of the skin against ageing.  The beneficial effects on the body are recognized by doctors and physiotherapists that prescribe visits to the spa.

For more information about Balneario de Archena, please click here.

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