Guest Review GEM; ¨A life changing experience!¨

Our guest Helma visited GEM Wellness & Spa and had an amazing life-changing experience:

¨Around the 16th of June I read an article in a magazine (Dutch Libelle) about a detox cure somebody had done in Turkey – I got excited right away and I thought “well, this is exactly what I would want right now”. So I started looking for a detox week, and I found GEM Wellness & Spa at the SIS website highly attractive. Thank God there was an opportunity (and a flight) already a couple of days later, from the 22nd until the 29th of June, exactly what I had in mind, and I booked both immediately. Splendid!

The reason why I wanted it so desperately was quite simple: the last couple of months (frankly: from the Christmas Holidays onwards) I had eaten and drunk too much. As a result I had grown “chubby”, my weight got in the way, I tossed too many kilo’s (80.5 kg). And all that alcohol did no good either, I did not feel at home in my own body. So, I determined a sharp start into a better and healthier life would just be okay – and from the first day on I knew GEM was the right choice: not only is everybody nice and kind to me, all the staff members are fantastic! Not only are they real professionals, they also are very charming and helpful, they will do anything to guide and comfort and support me.

Detox & weight loss holiday at GEM Wellness & Spa, by Spa in Spain



The intake consult with Dr. Vanessa Tenedor was a huge eye-opener! She had a very pleasant open and easy way of talking to me and pointing out what’s relevant and important. Not only did she do various measurements, but she also gave me a “life changing” diet plan – a new way of eating and feeding, which is until today, a fantastic plan, highly healthy and sporty and very easy to follow. From the original 80.5 kg I have come down to a steady 73 until now and I think I will lose more weight within short.

About the program: I loved every inch of it – I really enjoyed it, from the morning detox juice and the walking and sports, and all the wellness items (aqua gym, salt peeling, massages, ultra tone, which I adored!!) to all the pretty things I came across. The hotel is great, my suite very comfortable, the service fantastic. In the evening, back from the beach, I used to sit and watch the moon come up and the night go sleep on the hills. 

Detox & weight loss holiday at GEM Wellness & Spa, by Spa in Spain

Back home, I do one hour of walking every morning as a warm-up for the exercises Ruth Betancourt gave me, which I do each time after the walking. It costs merely one hour and a half, before breakfast, and I have made it my wake-up-call routine, which I enjoy very much.

To me, GEM was one highlight of an experience, all together just perfect. And I am planning to come back next year, same time same place, same period and detox.

I have already started to recommend GEM to various people, who might want to change their lifestyle and enjoy the experience just like me.

And maybe I will bring some of my friends along next year. For me, I would like my detox week and GEM to become a regular event!¨

More information about the detox & weight loss programs at GEM Wellness & Spa:

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