Life Coaching, create your own happiness!

Too often, people wander around in a fog of dissatisfaction, or rush from crisis to crisis, never getting around to what most matters, whether that’s family, a long-delayed dream, cutting back on work hours or charging full steam ahead toward business growth.

Are you just getting through life, or are you living it to the fullest? When did you make the choice to settle for less? Do you feel that you were forced into that choice? Are circumstances getting in your way? Is your job too demanding? Do you not have enough time?

Most of us, more or less, share these same circumstances, but the people that create the quality of life they really want, do something about it. What is quality of life, and what we can do to improve that? If you are feeling that everything’s on top of you, you’re unsure what to do next and have run out of answers Life Coaching might offer the solution.

Life Coaching has become an effective approach for taking control of life styles that become too difficult to manage. With relationship problems, economic crisis and career difficulties all at unprecedented levels our ability to think clearly and make the right decisions becomes harder and harder, if not impossible. At times we simply have too much going on to be able to deal with. Life coaching is a way to readdress the balance.

Life coaching can help you identify what your real goals are. It is the process of moving forward in your life through setting goals, achieving them and being inspired to keep them alive. Life coaching offers a non-judgmental and dynamic relationship in which you take control of your destiny and discover who you are through your values, passions and goals. When you are being coached you will feel important and pampered, because you will receive genuine full-blooded attention and be truly listened to, and we rarely have that in our lives. After a while many things will become transparent, you will see new perspectives, and you will begin to know where you want to be in this life of yours.

The problem with standard Life Coaching is that it takes time and is designed to deal with life’s difficulties as and when they arrive. A Life Coaching Retreat is a way to sort everything out all in one go, far away from our everyday problems, returning to day to day life with greater clarity and increased confidence.

One of the key components to a successful experience is the setting. It needs to provide a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere without the difficulties and stresses of everyday life. A setting that helps you slow down and inspires reflection where you can really relax, view your life from a distance, leave all your worries behind and begin to think clearly.

Life coaching retreat and yoga in mallorca by SIS Spa in Spain

It goes without saying that the Life Coaching course itself has to be excellent with guidance from coaches who help you draw out buried wishes and plot a feasible course for your future.

A Life Coaching retreat will help you to:

  • Discover a life purpose
  • Build self-confidence
  • Make important decisions
  • Create a vision and plan for what is next
  • Gain the courage to take risks
  • Find balance and ease in your life
  • Unlock your gifts, talents and potential
  • Have more fulfillment, joy and success

Participating in a Life Coach Retreat is a life-changing experience that can help you develop your TRUE potential in reaching your personal and professional goals.

Life coaching retreat and yoga in mallorca by SIS Spa in Spain

Do you feel a Life Coach retreat might be something for you? We offer an excellent Coaching Retreat in Mallorca guided by Aleid Warmelink, psychologist, life coach and yoga teacher. Her holiday project “Escape without running away” consists of one or more weeks with (intensive) therapy, coaching or yoga instruction, or a combination. At her lovely village house in pitoresque Cala Figueras, Aleid offers a place where guests can enjoy a coaching retreat, alone or with a small group.

The house is located walking distance from the small fishing harbour of Cala Figuera and there are also plenty of coastal paths and forest trails nearby which you can explore on foot or bicycle. The house is simple, but cosy and it has everything you need. The stunning surroundings make this a very special and unique destination ideal for a week away to enjoy peace and nature and discover your new life goal!

These weeks can be scheduled at any time during the year. For more information about this retreat, click here.

Aleid Warmelink Retreats Stunning Cala Figuera by SIS Spa in Spain

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