Shanti Som Cookbook; Tom Kha Soup!

Our lives too often tend to be influenced by a fast lifestyle. Workload, family, household chores and stress, don´t always allow us the time to eat healthily. We get carried away by the convenience of fast food, ready meals and we deceive ourselves with low calorie products…

Many of us would like to eat more healthily, but just do not know how to get started or fit it in. Developing mindful eating patterns that include nutritious and flavoursome foods is an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle and does not have to be difficult or time consuming at all!

Shanti Som is a venue where they have found the perfect balance between easy-to-make healthy and super delicious meals. After a wellness retreat here our guests head home wanting to carry on with the healthy diet and always ask to take with them the delicious recipes! After so many requests, Shanti Som has decided to share their favourite recipes with guests with their very first cook book!

Shanti Som healthy eating & cook book

Lucky us! We are fortunate enough to visit Shanti Som regularly and we can say from personal experience that the food is AMAZING! That’s why we love this book. Now you can enjoy the same delicious meals from the comfort of your own home. It has become an inspiration to our entire SIS team and we frequently use the recipes, both for a healthy lunch at the office, as well as at home to give our families a healthy treat. 

To wet your appetite we would like to share one of our favourite recipes with you – Tom Kha Soup!

Happy healthy eating!

You can order the Shanti Som Cook Book by contacting us.

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