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¨Health through wine¨. Yes, you are reading this right! With Vinotherapy you combat aging, remove wrinkles, moisturize the skin, reduces and reaffirms the abdomen, buttocks and breasts. An elixir of beauty that also tones, relaxes and reduces stress.

Lots of research has determined that wine is good for one’s health, but…wine isn’t just good for drinking any more. Spas have started to offer Vinotherapy including treatments based on grape juice and polyphenols extracted from grape seeds. Polyphenols are also called `food for the skin`. Experts say that grape seed polyphenols are a thousand times more effective than vitamin E in the fight against free radicals/ anti-aging.

Long before the polyphenol antioxidants in grapes were discovered, Europeans were writing of the grape’s health benefits. In the 4th century B.C. the Greek physician Hippocrates described using wine to treat his patients. In 1800s France, Louis Pasteur described wine as the most healthful and hygienic beverage. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that scientists discovered that antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and also the changes that accompany aging.

The Thomas family are credited with creating both the World’s first ¨wine spa¨ Les Sources de Caudalie, which opened in 1999 in the Bordeaux region of France, as well as the official term Vinothérapie®.

Previously, in 1993, the Thomas’ met an eminent professor from the Faculty of Pharmaceutics at Bordeaux University. He had discovered that the grape seeds discarded at the end of the grape harvest contained powerful anti-aging properties. These grape seeds contain polyphenols which, once stabilized, have priceless benefits for the skin. The anti-oxidants contained in the grape seed polyphenols have an incredible capacity to fight free radicals, and therefore fight aging. With the experience of wine making behind them and a patented, stabilized grape-seed polyphenol, the first ¨wine spa¨ was born.

In Spain the first wine therapy centre and the second one in Europe is Peralada Wine Spa. All Wine Spa areas and facilities are decorated following the wine tradition of Peralada. Click here to learn more about Peralada Wine Spa

Examples of typical Vinotherapy treatments are peelings with Grape seeds, Wine baths, masages with oil from Grape seeds, Wine body wraps, Facials using the polyphenols, etc

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