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It is Award time in the travel industry! A time where travel agents and consumers have spoken, voted and prizes have been awarded to several winners. There were a hugh amount of categories for the 2011 awards, including awards for the best Spas and that is exactly we are interested in!

We are always a bit reluctant to these kind of awards, because who are the people behind it and how honest is it? There for it is nice to compare the awards voted by the travel agents with the awards where consumers voted. We do not value these prizes very much, but at least it gives you an idea, and it might inspire you for your next Spa & Wellness holiday!

The ¨World Travel Awards¨ serves to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry. Travel agents worldwide participated in the voting.

Spa Finder is a global Spa & Wellness resource, dedicated to helping people find establishments, experiences and information that promote the well-being of body, mind and spirit. With their ¨Spa Finder Reader´s Choice Awards¨, they celebrate their readers´ favorite Spas around the world.

So, which is Europe’s most appreciated Spa resort in 2011? The World Travel awards say the Mardan Palace Spa in Antalya is the best. Where the Spa Finder readers most appreciated the Four Seasons George V Spa in Paris.

Now, both also have country awards for the leading Spa resorts. We as Spa In Spain are obviously very interested in which Spanish establishments were awarded by each of these two organizations.

The World Travel awards says the Fairplay Golf Resort & Spa is Spain´s leading Spa Resort.  Where the Spa Finder readers awarded the SHA Wellness Clinic for Spain´s best Spa resort.  Look and judge which one you like best!

To see which packages we offer with both of these establishments, have a look at Fairplay Golf Resort & Spa and SHA Wellness Clinic.

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