Thermal waters – bathing vs body creams?!

Thermal Water in Balneario de Archena SpainFor a lot of people wallowing in the bath is pure relaxation. Lying in the thermal water, with your eyes closed, feeling the comforting warmth of the water, breathing deeply and letting go… and women in particular seem to enjoy the added benefits of wonderful rosy, velvety skin.

Thermal baths promise not only that, but much more: thermal water is used to soothe irritated skin, help skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, stimulate circulation and alleviate rheumatic pains.

Spain has 65 spas in almost all regions of the country and is home to Europe´s second largest thermal lake. The Murcia Region in south eastern Spain has a wealth of mineral-rich, medicinal waters in inland areas. In the town of Archena, 25 kilometres from the city of Murcia, our partner Balneario de Archena is the perfect example. At the end of the 19th century it was well known as Spain´s most popular thermal centre and it continues to be a renowned complex to this day. It is set in the fertile Ricote Valley, an area of countryside irrigated by the Segura River, with interesting contrasts of landscape: palm groves, orange and a variety of fruit trees are flanked by arid-looking mountains. The result is a unique, peaceful setting that is ideal for rest and relaxation.

Its modern facilities cover 200,000 square metres, and have the Q for quality certificate, awarded by the Spanish Tourism Quality Institute (ICTE), guaranteeing the centre’s excellence. Archena Spa Resort offers a wide variety of treatments and services, so that you can enjoy the properties of the local springs. They are especially beneficial for the skin and immune system. It is easy to recover your vitality and pamper yourself with the many different options available at its Thermal Gallery and Termalium Area, for example. Furthermore, at the Thermal Beauty Centre you have the chance to try novel beauty treatments such as chocolate therapy and Chakra Stones massages.

The thermal treatments of Balneario de Archena are recommendable for three different types of pathologies: Musculoskeletal system (Locomotor), Respiratory system and Dermatological diseases.

The medicinal mineral water from Archena, used by Iberians and Romans, was declared of public interest on 16 April 1869, pursuant to Decree 04/25/1928. It is classified as chlorinated water, containing sulphur, sulphate, sodium and calcium. Emanating from the source at a temperature of 52.5 ° C it has a residence time inside earth of 15,000 years! It is full of negative ions that provide the body with the rest and relaxation you need to boost your immune system, promote the maintenance and improvement of joints as well as repairing the skin from aging.

The properties of the medicinal mineral waters of Archena are an excellent natural  remedy  for  physical  ailments, general  well-being  and  recuperation  of  the  body.  The  beneficial  effects  they  provide  the  body  with are known  to  doctors  and  physiotherapists  who  prescribe  visits  to  the  thermal complex of Archena.

Here at Spa in Spain, we are true believers of the benefits and love the authentic atmosphere of Balneario de Archena; the peace and quiet, the impressive and historic underground area for thermal water and lets not forget the amazing mud treatments. From a short Spa break, to a Anti-Stress holiday or a complete weight loss program you can find a wide range of possibilities to improve your health with a program fitting and personalised to your individual needs.

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