Mediterranean Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurveda or science of life (“Ayur” life, and “Veda” knowledge) has seen a great boom in Western culture in recent years, mainly due to society in general experiencing an “awakening of consciousness” that drives us to seek a healthier and fuller lifestyle and one which is more in harmony with the nature that surrounds us. Within this search we are becoming much more aware of disciplines such as yoga and meditation, as well as different ways to nourish and heal our digestion with diets such as macrobiotic and Ayurvedic cures and food.

Port Salvi Ayurveda resort ofrece una deliciosa dieta ayurveda mediterránea, ofrecida por SIS Escapadas Spa

Aurveda + Mediterranean = Port Salvi Ayurveda Resort

Many people believe that the Ayurvedic diet is a purely Indian vegetarian diet. However, it is an elementary principle of Ayurvedic dietetics that the type and preparation of foods are adapted to the habits of culture, climate and seasons (approach similar to macrobiotic). As well as Ayurvedic principles for a healthy diet, mainly:

  • Easy to digest food
  • The promotion or Agni (digestive fire)
  • The avoidance of ama (metabolic waste)

For more than 20 years Port Salvi Ayurveda Resort have been offering their guests a delicious Mediterranean and healthy Ayurvedic diet using a mix of seasonal ingredients from the Mediterranean diet and traditional ingredients from India to complement their programs and Ayurvedic cures that range from short cures designed to familiarise yourself with this ancient science to more intensive cures like the 21-night Panchakarma cure, always under the supervision of doctors who come from the CARC Ayurveda University in Pune, India.

Comida ayurvedica tri dosha en Port Salvi Ayurveda Resort ofrecida por SIS Escapadas Spa

Here are some advice and tips regarding food and diet according to Ayurveda principles:

  • Try to cook every day and eat those foods the same day, try not to store or reheat cooked dishes as they deteriorate over time and lose nutrients.
  • Always be aware of your emotions, but especially at meal times. Do not sit down to eat if you are feeling angry, stressed out, sad or anxious, always try to calm down before eating as these states can affect your digestion. When we eat we digest food, but also our emotions, try to live in gratitude, giving thanks to all food that comes to your plate.
  • Try to always eat at regular times of the day and don´t leave it too late. You should avoid eating anything after 20h30 – 21h00.
  • Do not do any other activity while eating like reading or watching TV, be aware that you are eating and do not get distracted.
  • Try to eat when you are hungry and not just because it is time.
  • Do not rush when you eat, take your time to chew carefully. Eating too slowly is not beneficial either.
  • Do not eat until you feel full, it is advisable to leave a third of the stomach free to facilitate digestion. The right amount of food should fit in your hands.
  • At dinner time avoid raw foods, legumes or animal protein, this meal should be the lightest of the day.
  • Avoid cold drinks that do not help digestion and also avoid drinking during meals. Drink water, juices and infusions at room temperature as much as possible.


Ingredients:Receta ayurvedica ofrecida en Port Salvi Ayurveda Resort por SIS Escapadas Spa

  • Wholemeal oat flakes
  • Soy milk
  • Ghee
  • Dates
  • Fresh ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Optional, raisins, nuts, seeds …


  • Cut the ginger and dates up so the pieces are very small
  • Heat a little Ghee and sauté the ginger
  • Add dates and soy milk
  • Let it heat up, add the oat flakes and let cook stirring occasionally
  • When the oats have cooked and absorbed some of the soy milk remove from the heat.
  • Add cinnamon, nuts, raisins, seeds to your liking.
  • And enjoy a day full of energy.

If you want to enjoy an Ayurveda cure near home and in this stunning Mediterranean location, Port Salvi Ayurveda Resort in the Costa Brava have several options at very reasonable prices, click here or contact us and we’ll tell you everything you need to know!!

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