We love Signature Treatments!

Signature treatments, as the name already implies, are treatments which are designed by the Spa itself and can not be find at any other Spa. Not the basic hot stone massage or hydrating facial, no, signature treatments go further than that. Special techniques or home made products are normally the basis for a signature treatment. That is why we love them!

Before you go to a Spa it is worth investigating which type of treatments they offer and which products they use in their treatments, as they can have a great effect on your Spa experience. Most Spas offer basic and general well known treatments as people know what they imply and there for know what to expect. Also Spas tend to work with generally well-known product lines, because the brand of the product line can be an important communication tool for selling the Spa treatments. If a Spa uses a well-known and expensive brand, they like to tell their clients,  ¨Look we use this brand in our treatments, which means we are a quality Spa¨. In fact this is not always true. If you really look for a special Spa experience and true quality you have to look for the Spas where they offer Signature Treatments!

Let´s give you an example, that always appeals to one´s imagination. We work together with La Residencia Hotel & Spa based in Mallorca, Spain. Their Spa has created a signature treatment called Citrus Siesta. In this treatment they use all natural Mallorcan products combined to invigorate and relax your body, mind and soul. An Mallorcan olive oil scrub cleans the skin, where after a special Zen technology is used, a massage to penetrate the body with a blend of essential oils of Mallorcan almond, orange and lemon.

That is what you often see with signature treatments, they often go together with products made from local products. That is not so strange as local natural products can have surprisingly good healing and relaxing powers.

Spas where the therapists have developed their own special signature treatment and where they use products made of local products such as olives, grapes, oranges, local salt, etc, are one of a special kind. Here they have taken the effort to really dive into their personal strengths and how to use the healing and relaxing powers of local resources. That makes them different and stand out from other Spas. These signature treatments will have a this extra special character and assure TRUE quality!

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