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Imagine yourself or may be your parents 30 years ago coming home from a day at a spa saying ¨I had such a fantastic Shirodhara treatment¨. A day at a Spa may be already was something unusual, but a Shirodhara treatment….?

Yesterday I went to a Spa and when reading the Spa menu I noticed that I was making a journey through the world! 11 countries were represented in this even not that extensive Spa menu. Funny to see how the Spa industry has changed in such a relatively short period. Never really thought about it like that.

During the years when people started to travel, outside their own country, and even further than that, to explore the world, people also discovered about other theories, philosophies and techniques. And even more how beneficial these new theories, philosophies and techniques from other parts of the world could be for the human being.

Step by step , after lots of industries, companies and even politics globalised we can now also talk about a global Wellness culture.

With the result that people travel all the way to Asia to do a Ayurveda cure, to Turkey to experience a traditional Hammam ritual or to the Mediterranean to benefit from the healing power of seawater with a Thalasso therapy. But it also worked the other way around. People from far away have come to our countries to teach us their techniques or they even stayed here to offer our clients the best service and uncopied techniques.

Most Spa menus have now changed into a Global Spa menu. I never actually looked at it in that way. If you compare a Spa menu from 30 years ago (if there were any…?) to the ones from nowadays they look completely different. Just a few examples; Swedish Massage, Arabic Hammam ritual, Japanese Shiatsu massage, Chinese T´ai Chi, German Schroth Kur, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Yoga and Ayurveda, Tibetan Reiki, French Thalasso therapy, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, etc, etc..

That´s interesting. Next time when you go to a Spa have a look at the Spa menu and count how many countries are represented, you will be surprised!

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