Weight Loss with Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic_Balance1Metabolic Balance® is a scientifically based healthy eating program, backed up by 20 years of research by German Physicians and Nutritionists. It is a healthy eating plan for weight control and general well-being. There is no calorie counting, fasting or starving; you eat the nutrient-packed foods that your body needs as determined by a blood test. Your individual meal plan is completely personalised and designed specifically to suit your individual body chemistry.

And what can it do for you? It may solve your weight issues healthily and permanently, it boosts your health and well-being, it increases your energy and vitality and it will get you optimally fit and healthy at any age!

The idea of Metabolic Balance® is that you start with a blood analysis and a consultation with a qualified Metabolic Balance® nutritional expert.  Based on the results a personalised program will be put together. With the help of this program you will be able to readjust your current daily eating habits and follow a dietary plan that fits your individual profile, which is healthy, completely balanced and tailored for you.

What does a Metabolic Balance® diet plan actually do? Well, your personal nutrition plan balances your “body chemistry” with “food chemistry”, which has been customised for you to achieve optimal Metabolic balance. Your plan will concentrate particularly on the nutrients, minerals and vitamins your body needs to re-balance your metabolism, which includes eating all the essential and vital nutrients found in fresh wholesome foods.

It is a 4 stage plan, which you can follow for some amount of time, but you can also integrate in your life forever! The foundation of the plan is that you eat three meals a day made from all natural healthy foods. The four phases of Metabolic Balance®

Phase 1: You will gently detoxify your body for two days.

Phase 2: This phase will last for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4. Your body will begin to adjust to the new, healthy nutrition. Clients often see improvements in energy as well as weight loss during this early phase.

Phase 3: Food items so far excluded from your plan can now be introduced, during this phase people report further improvements in well-being, increased energy and further weight loss.

Phase 4: This phase is indefinite and starts when you are happy with your health and well-being. You will continue to follow the basic rules of Metabolic Balance® to maintain a healthy functioning metabolism.

There are no expensive, branded, processed meals or artificial potions to buy. You eat three meals a day made from real food chosen from your personal food list. Even your food likes and dislikes can be taken into consideration.

This bespoke 4-stage program has all the elements for you to succeed in resolving your personal weight issues permanently as well as integrating optimum health and well-being into your life.

To make a good start, you could chose to start your Metabolic Balance® diet during your holidays. You will then have complete focus on the plan and can gently get used to may be a new lifestyle. We offer a Metabolic Balance® Weight Loss holiday at the Oceáno Vitality Hotel & Medical Spa in Tenerife, for more information click here.

To read more about Metabolic Balance® and what it can do for you, please go to http://www.metabolic-balance.com

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  1. Thanks for your article, I was searching for a solution where I can start in my holiday such a change in diet. I really like the idea. Maybe I ask them if I can come there to do my program in the Hotel. Thanks again.

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