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Weight loss programs in El Palasiet by Irene DominguezIrene Dominguez, you are the in house nutritionist at Thalasso Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet and responsable for the weightloss programs. Can you give us some more information about your weightloss programs in combination with Thalasso therapy?

The weightloss programs are the most thorough and complete programs that we offer. During their stay, clients become very aware of the importance of a balanced and healthy diet combined with physical activities and more importantly they start to feel the benefits themselves.

The minimum stay for the weightloss program is one week, however many guests stay for multiple weeks. Needless to say the end results are directly related to the individual clients involvement with regards to the physical activities, treatments and length of stay.

Our team of dedicated professionals including Doctor, dietician, therapists, physiotherapist, and personal trainer, will adapt the program to the individual needs of each client with the goal of maximising the end results of their program. We come across all different cases, from the client with reduced mobility or those requesting lot of sports, or those who have no structure to their diet or eating times and have no idea how to start losing weight, each client will have their program adapted in a way that will maximize their results.

In general clients who have followed the weight loss program here at El Palasiet go home extremely happy with what they have achieved during their stay. Many are so happy that they come back to us every year and in some cases have returned two or three times in the same year so we can support them along the way to achieving their final weightloss target.

However we must not forget that the clients are with us for a limited period of time only and then of course they need to continue by themselves at home and in their daily routine which we know for many is the hardest part. For this reason clients leave with an action plan, a meal plan and activity schedule to continue at home with the aim of furthering and maintaining weightloss.

Diet, physical activity and thalasso body treatments are the 3 fundamental elements to this program.

What makes sea water so healthy and good for us?

As the French biologist René Quinton demonstrated more than a century ago, sea water has a very similar composition to blood plasma and contains practically all the elements in the periodic table (sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, bromine, iodine and other minerals and trace elements) and don´t forget that the sea also contains macro and micro organisms such as sea weeds, muds, salts etc.

In addition to its relaxing properties that we are all aware of, sea water also has therapeutic effects and is recommended for many conditions (rheumatological, dermatological, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, …) and can be used externally in the form of baths, showers, jets, swimming pools, vaporisation, application of muds,  algae wraps …., or as a cure drink ( we use seawater Laboratories Quinton). Such treatments allow the body to assimilate all the nutrients contained in either the sea water, muds algaes etc which in turn boosts the bodies nutrition and cellular balance, regulates the metabolism and maintains the hydromineral content of the body´s cells.

Weight loss programs in El Palasiet

What benefits or advantages are there of following a weightloss program at El Palasiet as opposed to other types of weightloss programs?

Obviously the stunning and most certainly privileged location of Hotel El Palasiet provides the perfect surroundings for such a program.

In the first place clients will find everything that they will need to follow the program under one roof, from the highly specialized team of doctors, therapists and chefs to the extensive spa, treatment area and gym.

Here at El Palasiet we work with the latest technologies and equipment in all departments. By doing activities in and out of the water, starting a new lifestyle with a healthy diet in combination with a truly beautiful and relaxing environment all contribute to maximizing the positive weightloss.

How important is the diet in a weightloss program?

The diet is one of the fundamental elements of this program. Diet is key, not only for weight loss but also for the general health of our body´s organs. With the correct diet we provide all the vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and in short all the nutrients that the body needs to function properly. In order to have strong and healthy hair and skin, to avoid feeling bloated and full of gases, or have uncomfortable digestion, to control cholesterol and diabetes, this all requires a healthy and balanced diet. Life expectancy is on the up and if we want to reach our senior years in good health, an appropriate diet is essential.

Clients can also join our weekly talks on nutrition, (which cover topics such as what we should be eating and why, false myths about food, sweetners, glycemic indicators, how to lose body fat etc…) and one cooking workshop where the chef prepares light and appetizing recipes on the spot.

What type of diet will the clients follow during their program?

After the initial consultation with the Doctor, clients will have a consultation with me as the nutritionist where we will go through a questionnaire, discuss eating habits and try and pinpoint possible errors and causes behind the excess weight. In addition clients will be do a bioimpedance test which gives us information regarding the body´s percentage of fat. Whilst excess fat might not give us the body shape we would like to have, more seriously it  has serious implications for our cholesterol levels, diabetes, stress etc. Whilst we are looking ultimately for weightloss, we are in particular looking to reduce fat levels.

After compiling this information we put together personalized recommendations for each client to follow either a high protein, cleansing or low calorie diet and which they would see maximum results during their stay.

Weight loss programs diet in El Palasiet

 How important is physical exercise for effective weight loss?

The effect of exercise together with the diet is of vital importance to our weight loss programs. We put together a personalized and structured plan and each client has their own personal objectives, taking into consideration individual requirements and limitations. In this way the training sessions can be focused on increasing the base metabolism, in other words, to increase the energetic consumption when we are in rest mode. In this way the combination of physical and cardiovascular effort gives greater results than focusing solely on one area.

We can conclude that cardiovascular exercise combined with strength is a great strategy for positive weightloss results and the prevention of conditions associated with obesity.

Finally we would like to remind you that whenever you are going to start such a weightloss program your doctor should be made aware.

Clients following our weightloss programs will have personalized training sessions using specific techniques and activities, shown to give positive and quantative results. Our aim is that clients really become aware and feel the benefits of such exercises.

In addition to the personal activities our clients are welcome to join in our group activities, in the water, in the gym, or the organized hikes around the local area; we have many activities available for all levels and tastes.

Could you tell us a bit more about the program, what it includes and what a typical day is like?

We try and organize the day in a way so that it is complete and so that guests do not have the time to get bored whilst at the same time leaving some free time in the afternoon so guests can relax, go for a walk or to the beach, read a book etc. However if guests prefer and request it we can spread the treatments throughout the morning and afternoon.

Our centre´s philosophy is one of healthy living and in order to promote this further we offer, free of charge, a weekly schedule of activities that guests are all free to join in.

Weight loss programs in El Palasiet Thalasso

What treatments are included in the weightloss program that assist in the weight loss process?

As already discussed the program we offer is one of the most complete programs available. In addition to the specialized diet and activities we use a series of techniques all aimed at achieving optimal results. Pressotherapy, LPG, jets, beauty treatments such as body shapers and wraps, algae baths, massages etc are some examples of the treatments that we use and that generally give very good results.

 When clients return home how can they adapt their diet and avoid bad habits in order to continue and sustain long term weight loss?

As I mentioned earlier, clients are only with us for a limited length of time (saying that we have had weightloss clients with us for 4 weeks who have achieved incredible results), and for this reason our objective is that clients achieve a loss in volume or weightloss which is great enough that they leave is with a real sense of achievement and happy with their results, so much so that they arrive home highly motivated and want to continue towards achieving their long term target.

Often there is still a fair way to go before achieving their long term goals and this is why in the last consultation we provide clients with a personalised plan with diet and physical activities to continue at home. We take into consideration the clients lifestyle so that the plan is as realistic and comfortable as possible. Clients will be given our email address so that we can remain in contact and we are here to answers any questions or doubts, to adapt the diet or modify the exercise, in this way clients feel supported on their path towards achieving their long term target.

After an agreed period of time we would recommend that the clients return to El Palasiet so that we can see in person the client´s evolution, see the changes and adapt the plan. If distance makes this too difficult then we will refer clients to a local specialist in their area.

Do you have any important advice that we should know with regards to weight loss?

Yes, it is a basic but fundamental rule that everyone knows but doesn´t necessarily put into practice. I meet many clients that say, “diet yes but exercise… don´t ask me to go to the gym:” You must realise that to lose weight and volume the combination of a healthy diet and physical activity is imperative. If you only have the diet without the sport you will get to a stage when losing any further weight becomes really difficult, (nature is very wise and the body adapts to a low calorie diet becoming more efficient), what´s more if you are not careful it is really easy to slip into what we call the yoyo effect.

So if you really and truly want to reach your ideal weight you must be prepared to follow a nutritional and physical action plan.

For more information about the weight loss program at Thalasso Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet  and prices, click: Weight loss program at El Palasiet


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