Julia: “How working at SIS has been life changing!”

Working at SIS Wellness Holidays has been a life changing experience for me!

How time flies… I started working with the SISters exactly one year ago and since then my life has changed quite a bit!

The new environment, the eating habits of my colleagues and the wisdom I brought back from my travels to our hotels and retreats encouraged me to think about my diet and my non-existent exercise programme. I realised it was time to adapt to some healthier habits.

Small changes eventually add up to huge results

The very first thing I did was replacing my everyday sandwich for breakfast for a healthy cereal with fruit and yoghurt. Now I love it and hardly a day goes by that I don’t have muesli for breakfast.

I have also managed to overcome my caffeine addiction. On our road trips to the wellness hotels, coffee is not available everywhere. Since I didn’t want to constantly think about possible headaches caused by my caffeine addiction, I used my very first trip to say ‘goodbye’ to coffee. Well… not quite 😉 I love the taste of a delicious coffee, so during the week I only drink decaffeinated coffee and at the weekend I like to treat myself to one or two “normal” coffees 😊

It had been clear to me for a long time that I needed to move more, but it was the start at SIS that motivated me to put it into practice. I signed up for Pilates straight away and have been going to my beloved Reformer Pilates classes regularly ever since. It just feels great when you have to work your muscles and you walk home exhausted after one hour of training. In the beginning I had regular muscle soreness, but now I’m relatively fit. I also feel stronger, I don’t have back pain anymore and it just feels good.

I have changed my diet slightly, more salads, less bread (and I love bread!), lots of water and teas, more vegetables and fish, less meat. If I can now manage to get my passion for chocolate under control, then I’ll be happy 😊

I move more, ride my bike or scooter (no electric!) to work and have a cross trainer at home to improve my fitness. On the side, I walk the dog and thus almost always reach 10,000 steps at the end of the day, my personal goal!

All these changes made me feel more aware of my body and my soul. I see nutrition now as a part of my well being. The better I eat, the better I feel. When I exercise and do sports, I feel super good afterwards.

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle

The nice thing about SIS is that we motivate and support each other, no one is judged because she weighs a few kilos more, one has more or less cellulite, one has more curves than the other…. As long as we feel good in our bodies, eat healthy and exercise to stay fit, then we radiate this and live according to the motto “Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle”.

Everyone can change, but only YOU can change YOUR life. No one can do it for you. So start now, start with small changes, like me, and you will see it can result in a life changing experience!

Written by your SISter in Wellness Julia

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