TOP 5 Weight Loss Holidays to shed those extra kilos for good!

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Embarking on a weight loss journey is a life-changing one, which is why it can be scary and intimidating. When you are starting out on your weight loss journey, you are motivated and you feel positive. But what most of us end up doing is that we start looking up online, looking for ways, tips, tricks and hacks that can make us reach our weight loss goals faster. And thus begins the trap of misinformation and misleading tips…

If you want to shed of those extra kilos for good and not enter in the yoyo loop, sustainable weight loss is essential, a quick fix will not do the trick. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight can be achieved with a combination of good nutrition, exercise and healthy habits. It isn’t one size fits all, nor is it something you do for a week or month. That’s why starting with the basics is so important — if the nutrition, fitness & healthy habits plan you adopt isn’t simple and easy to follow, you’re much more likely to get frustrated and quit.

A great start to sustainable weight loss is a weight loss holiday. Here you will learn how to incorporate good nutrition, exercise and healthy habits in your daily life. You will learn the tools how to reach your ideal weight and how to maintain it. If you commit to making lasting changes in several aspects of your live you will be more successful in losing weight and keeping it off. Change your life, and your body will follow!

In our website you can find a large selection of effective weight loss holidays. These programs offer a combination of a nutrition plan, monitoring of weight and body composition, physical exercise, natural therapies and treatments combined with lifestyle recommendations and activities that promote new healthy habits. Our weight loss programs guarantee noticeable results; consolidate healthy habits and the objectives you’ve achieved to ensure that the changes are sustainable over time!

Hereby our TOP 5 weight loss holidays:

Balneario de Archena, Murcia, Spain

Weight loss holiday Spain, Balneario de Archena, Sis Wellness Holidays

Balneario de Archena offers an authentic Spanish wellness experience. The history and character of the place are truly amazing! The spa facilities are modern and very extensive. The thermal spa treatments a delight. All programs are supervised by a doctor specialised in hydrotherapy. If you want to escape the mass tourism of the Spanish Costas and experience a bit of the real Spain this is a great choice!

At Balneario de Archena hydrotherapy, the practice of using water to treat the body, is used. The claim is that hydrotherapy can rid the body of diseases and clean the blood due to its healing properties. Spa Hotel & Resort Balneario de Archena uses water originating from a thermal spring holding mineral-medicinal qualities, and it is these properties that contribute to a healthy way of losing weight. Using hydrotherapy in combination with a low-calorie diet can be a quick way to shed some pounds.

The techniques included in the weight loss program will be prescribed by the doctor during the medical consultation, normally tyou will have 2-3 techniques per day among the following treatments: Archena Massage, Thermal Balneacenter, Thermal mud, pressotherapy and slimming treatments (arms, legs, abdomen).

The historic Balneario de Archena is of great importance and prestige in health tourism at a national and international level. A typical Spanish wellness experience in beautiful natural surroundings!

More info about the Balneario and weight loss programs:

Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel, Costa de Alzahar, Spain

PALASIET Thalasso Clinic & Hotel is such a lovely family run hotel. They turned what started out as a hospital, thanks to the medicinal properties of the waters, into what is now a beautiful 4* hotel. As the pioneers of Thalasso in Spain they really have set the benchmark. With a location to die for at the end of a large bay with spectacular views and easy bike rides up the coast, you can be as active or relaxed as you wish. With brilliantly executed health programs, supervised by a doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer, this is a great choice for a weight loss holiday.

Thalassotherapy is a medically recognised concept whereby the therapeutic virtues of seawater are used to perform techniques which optimise its beneficial effects for the treatment of different illnesses and in this case specifically, weight loss and the elimination of cellulitis. In the thalasso centre, the medical prescription determines which are the most suitable treatments for you on an individual basis, all of which are performed by the team of experienced and highly qualified staff.

This team of highly qualified and experienced professionals are truly dedicated to their field and have carried out much investigation into achieving the best results in a healthy and controlled manner. After an initial medical consultation, the nutritionist will decide which diet plan will most suit your requirements and best enable you to achieve your weight loss goals. The first option would be a high protein, low carbohydrate diet which achieves fast results while avoiding the sensation of hunger. This is a great way to kick-start weight loss, however a more balanced diet will be prescribed to take home after the programme, consistent with a healthy, long term weight loss plan. The alternative option is a low calorie diet (approximately 1000 Kcal) per day providing a balance of all the food groups. As we tend to eat with our eyes, great detail is spent on the presentation!

The weight loss programs have a soft, moderate or intensive version. The soft program is mainly based on dietary adjustments, where the moderate and intensive version include more treatments and activities.

More info about the hotel and weight loss programs:

La Crisalida retreat, Costa Blanca, Spain

Detox and weight loss holidays, La Crisalida Retreat, SIS Wellness Holidays Spain

If you are looking to lose weight, boost your energy levels and feel good about yourself then the detox and weight loss program of La Crisalida Retreat on the Costa Blanca in Spain has been designed for you!

At La Crisalida, weight loss is seen as part of getting back into balance and back into good health overall. By following a healthy diet you can easily reach and maintain your ideal weight. However, sometimes life gets in the way, so, if you feel you need a kick start or a reboot, to get back into those healthy habits and shed a few kilos then this Detox & Weight loss retreat can certainly help.

The nutritionist has designed juices and meals that cleanse and rebalance, whilst maximising the essential nutrients required by our bodies for good health. You have the option to juice or to eat during your stay at La Crisalida. The best weight loss results come from those who choose to juice at the start of the retreat. Juices are calorie controlled and keep your body feeling nutritionally satisfied for hours. You are encouraged to juice for a minimum three days; after that, you can choose whether you want to juice or eat for each meal, you decide!

For the best results physical activity is key. We recommend that you take part in as many of the programme activities as you can, particularly rebounding, aqua-aerobic and walking. The retreat also offers a cooking demonstration and a juice demonstration each week to give you tips and ideas to continue the lifestyle change at home, plus a range of educational DVDs and books to support and encourage you to make a lasting change.

More info about the retreat and the weight loss & detox programs:

Oceano Hotel Health Spa, Tenerife, Spain

Detox and weight loss holidays, Oceano Hotel, Tenerife , SIS Wellness Holidays Spain

Océano Hotel Health Spa has a privileged position right on the water´s edge in northern Tenerife, a world away from the busy southern resorts. All rooms enjoy a sea view and most guests follow a health program, ranging from relaxing thalasso to the famous FX Mayr Detox Cure. The perfect venue to lose weight and kickstart a healthier you!

If you are overweight, feel sluggish, have bad eating habits and you could use some new energy, than an effective therapeutic fast program could be just what you need. You will give your body and mind a rest by switching to your body’s recovery mode. This allows for the stimulation of self-healing powers and the development of a new lifestyle rhythm for a healthier everyday life. At the Océano Hotel Health Spa they offer the F.X. Mayr cure guided by the best doctors. The modern Mayr medicine concept is a holistic approach to preventive treatment, the correction of eating habits and general improvements to health. The doctors for the modern Mayr-Medicine draw up a dietary plan according to your personal constitution that has a protective and purifying effect on your digestive tract.

The key component of modern F.X. Mayr medicine; however; is bowel treatment. Several times a week the intestinal tract is unblocked, stimulated and fortified by the therapists, which in turn has a positive effect on heart and circulation. Next to the detoxifying effect on the body, at the same time, it may effectively alleviate or completely cure the following ailments: high blood pressure, overweight and underweight, diabetes, allergies, insomnia, food intolerances, etc.

More information about the hotel and the Mayr cure:

Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel, Algarve, Portugal

Weight loss holiday, weight loss journey, SIS Wellness Holidays

Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel in the Algarve, Portugal is the new place to be if you are looking for an innovative wellness destination where ¨New¨ and ¨Traditional¨ come together, the latest Western techniques combined with the ancient holistic therapies of the East all in the luxury surroundings of a contemporary 5 star hotel. The perfect place to kick-start a fresh, healthy lifestyle and a happier life, a great way to a better YOU!

The weight loss program at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel is a great starting point to a healthier lifestyle where you will finally achieve getting rid of those extra kilos once and for all. During this program you will enjoy an optimal combination of detox, fitness, slimming therapies, meals and natural supplements to reboot the sustainable healthy weight loss process to not only reach your ideal weight, but to maintain it for the rest of your life.

More info about the hotel and weight loss programs:

SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

Detox and weight loss holidays, SHA Wellness Clinic, SIS Wellness Holidays Spain

SHA is a world-class pioneering wellness clinic dedicated to the improvement and notable prolongation of people’s well-being through the combination of antique Oriental disciplines and revolutionary Western techniques. It is a beautiful 5* hotel with a contemporary design and a very international atmosphere. Although SHA is a destination in itself, it is located in a superb environment on top of a hill with amazing sea and mountain views. 

Being overweight can affect vitality and the full enjoyment of life and can lead to health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. SHA’s approach helps guests to lose weight, keep it off and increase their vitality. With a personalised diet designed to balance metabolism and reduce blood sugar, SHA will introduce you to a low fat dietary program with specific herbal drinks to facilitate the elimination of excess fat.

With the SHA Weight Programs you can achieve your ideal weight in a healthy, progressive and balanced way, under strict medical and nutritional supervision whilst staying at the SHA and to provide continuity to achieving your ideal weight once you return home. Thanks to your newly learned techniques and healthy lifestyle habits you will help to break the negative cycle and avoid the rebound effect.

More information about the hotel and the weight loss programs:

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