Spa Trends 2011 – Part 1

This is interesting! Susie Ellis at Spa Finder has just released the Spa Finder trend projection for 2011- identifying global spa trends that will influence experiences for both consumers and the industry in the coming year and for decades to come.

In this BLOG we tell you about the first 5 trends. At the bottom of each trend we will point out how the Wellness Industry in Spain already is or is not yet responding to these trends. Enjoy and get inspired for your next Wellness holiday!

1. AGING…RAGING. Baby boomers are the fastest-growing demographic in the world, and spas are showing more awareness of the needs of older spa-goers. Many spas are now beginning to incorporate physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths who focus on rejuvenation of joints, pain relief and mobility. Thermal bathing is also seeing a renaissance, particularly with this growing group, as the benefits of soaking – or Santias Per Acqua – are rediscovered.

Forward thinking examples in Spain, which we SIS – Spa in Spain recommend: This is something which is already widely implemented in Spain. Spain has a huge history with Thermal waters, which are ideal for treating the older age diseases. the Thermal Spa Hotels Villa de Olmedo in Valladolid and Burgo de Osma Hotel in Soria. Both have active mineral-medicinal water pools  and have special programs for older people with respiration and rheumatic problems .

5 or 6 nighths Second Youth Special:

2. ALL EYES ON ASIA. Asia has had a profound impact on the spa industry. Yoga, Thai massage, Ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture are staples on many spa menus, and the “Zen” nature of Asian design can be seen in spas worldwide.

Now a powerful new story is unfolding – the explosive growth of hotel/spa development within Asia (a market of 4.1 billion people), especially within the two fastest-growing world economies, China and India. These markets are developing at breakneck pace, unleashing massive opportunities for hotel/spa development. Asia-Pacific has the largest number of spas and hotels under development of any region in the world, and by 2015, China will have 100 million outbound travellers, many seeking a luxury break that includes a Westernised spa experience.

Forward thinking examples in Spain, which we SIS – Spa in Spain recommend: Yes, this one is difficult as we are Spa in Spain and not Spa In Asia. However, Asia is still a long journey away and not everybody is willing to travel that far for an Asian experience. But also short haul destination Spain has some great Wellness venues where you can enjoy an likewise experience. Barceló Asia Gardens is such an example. The name already implies. An Asian style hotel, where you can enjoy the best Asian treatments and techniques. ALL Spa staff members are actually Asian, so Asian quality is definitely guaranteed!

3. A PINCH OF SALT – SALT ROOMS AND SALT CAVES. Healing traditions that involve basking in salt caves or water may be centuries old, but they are truly coming of age in some of the most modern spas. The benefits to skin, breathing and rejuvenation are making salt therapy (halotherapy) one of the hottest trends to watch in 2011. Clinical trials reveal salt is beneficial for respiratory illnesses like asthma and skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

Spas are finding stylish new ways to recreate the natural salt cave microclimate, infusing salt and negative ions into the air. Some examples have encrusted, stalactite-drenched grottoes (comprised of tons of imported Himalayan salt crystals) or have created hyper-modern rooms made of sea salt blocks.

This trend has not widely reached Spain yet. As soon as there will be interesting halotherapy available, we will be on top of it!

4. SPA BRANDWAGON. Traditionally the territory of standalone spas, the industry is moving rapidly in the direction of branded experiences. The year of 2011 will be a watershed year for franchised/branded spas, as consumers seek the consistency of treatments they know and love, and major players expand into new markets.

From the cool, urban Bliss or Exhale to the eco-luxury of Six Senses, or the lavish opulence of Mandarin Oriental to Mandara’s more affordable Chevana brand, look to see a brand new world of spa lines going global and offering consumers a consistent experience wherever they travel.

Forward thinking examples in Spain, which we SIS – Spa in Spain recommend: Bodyna Spa with already 9 Spas in Spain. We will soon start offering luxury Spa breaks in collaboration with Bodyna Spa and the Aguas de Ibiza Hotel in Ibiza!

5. DEALS GONE WILD. Gone are the days when coupons were unfashionable things people snipped out of the newspaper and spas wouldn’t think of using the term “deal.”

Well, put an ‘e-‘ or ‘group’ in front of ‘coupon’, and you suddenly have the Internet mania of 2010, poised to accelerate at an even more dizzying pace in 2011. Online group-buying deals have burst onto the global scene, and the old-fashioned ‘deal’ has morphed into a hip online industry. With spa and wellness deals a mainstay of generic sites like GroupOn, it’s a sure sign that spa-going has achieved mainstream traction.

An extraordinary effect has been that millions of people are now expanding their spa horizons, trying new experiences they wouldn’t have without the ‘50%-75% off’.

With savvy marketers backed by hundreds of millions in venture capital, deals will certainly remain a huge deal in 2011, but SpaFinder forecasts change is on the horizon.

For a full overview of all SpaFinders 2011 Spa trends please click here

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