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Ayurveda Mallorca Health & Cure Centre, located in the heart of Mallorca Imagine a place far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and so near home. Imagine picturesque landscapes with panoramic view which takes your breath away and the relaxed rhythm of life. A place where you can completely relax, and leave yourself in hands of specialists who are experienced in the century old ¨science of Life¨ Ayurveda.

Ayurveda Mallorca Health & Cure Centre, located in the heart of Mallorca is such a place. This small jewel of an estate you will find in the heart of the Balearic Islands, south of the romantic rural town of Montuiri and located in splendid isolation on a hilltop. Ayurveda Mallorca offers fantastic views of the Mediterranean landscape. This is an idyllic place that has been established with great attention to detail. Traditional Mallorcan charm meets and merges with Asian flair and tropical vegetation.

When we arrived by car we were surprised by the isolated location, it felt we arrived in an oasis of silence and beauty. The views over the Mallorca landscape are very impressive so is the place itself. With only 8 rooms, you feel at home from the first minute. The super friendly German owners welcomed us with an Indian Lassi and showed us our room. It was a lovely room, not big, but just very charming with an Indian flair.

Ayurveda Mallorca Health & Cure Centre, roomWe went for a 6 night Ayurveda Wellness Cure, which is the basic cure, a great way to get to know the power of Ayurveda. The same day we had a consultation with Fernando the Ayurveda doctor, in which our Dosha was be determined. Very interesting to look at your body and lifestyle in this different way, it was an eye opener! Fernando is a very experienced Ayurveda doctor, educated in India and a very pleasant person to talk to. Then based on our dosha our treatment plan was composed and in the next days we were going to enjoy 2 hours of Ayurveda Wellness treatments a day!

Ayurveda Mallorca Health & Cure Centre, foodAlso important part of the cure is the Ayurveda diet, prepared by the Indian Chef Rakesh, truly lovely. The small dining room is very cosy and allows you to get in easy contact with other guests. Together with the other guests we enjoyed the healthy and tasteful meals prepared by Rakesh. He is a lovely guy and even spend time with us to explain some of his ¨secrets¨ J. Very nice!

Ayurveda Mallorca Health & Cure Centre, treatment

                The treatments were just FANTASTIC. In the hands of Rosa, one of the therapists I felt safe and I completely lost notion of time.  Every treatment was just as nice. We followed the Wellness cure which comprises the more ¨basic¨ ayurveda treatments like the Svedana herbal steambath, Abhyanga body massage, Shirodhara oil stream and the pinda herbal sacks massage.

But if you really would like to benefit the healing powers of Ayurveda, a 9 or 14 night stay is recommended, then the doctor can really go into depth and treat certain health issues. Time is an important factor in Ayurveda, the more time you take for a cure, the better. Your body will then get the full opportunity to rebalance, reenergise, detoxify and cure.

ayurveda6The moments that we did not have treatments or were enjoying the lovely meals we spend on relaxing. Each morning started with a lovely yoga class. But also the pool area and the gardens are just nice to spend your time reading a book or just doing nothing. We thought we would go out to go to Palma for some shopping or visiting one of Mallorca’s beautiful beaches, but to be honest we did not do anything. We just felt that the place was so nice and we were so relaxed that we just stayed at the venue the whole week enjoying the gardens, the pool and the views!

It was incredible to notice that only 6 days of Ayurveda could already do such a lot. We really felt different. We felt lighter, fresher, and healthier, with lots of new energy! After the complimentary good-bye treatment we got on the last day it was time to say good bye. Lucky us that we work together with these lovely people…

ayurveda4Ayurveda Mallorca is a special place. It offers really authentic Ayurveda cures in a beautiful setting and guided by a team of professionals. We just love this type of small places where you can feel and notice that all the team members put their hearts in the place and in the things they do, that makes them special and that makes them set apart!

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