Nutripure: The other way of losing weight

weight loss nutripureThere are so many different kinds of approach to losing weight and it is hard to say which one is the best, because what works for you does not necessarily work for another. It is a matter of finding out about the different options available and going for the one that appeals to you the most and importantly the one you believe is easiest to integrate into your lifestyle.

Nutripure is one example of a weight loss method and in this blog we would like to explain what it is and how it works. Nutripure is different! It shouldn´t really be called a Weight loss program as Nutripure is more about the long term bigger picture as it shows you how to look at food and the way you eat in a very different way. There will be no need to starve yourself, quite the contrary, this concept is about eating smarter, not necessarily eating less. Nutripure is designed to make your body function more efficiently and this is achieved by focusing on nutrition. In effect, Nutripure reprograms your body’s metabolism, the results of which leave you feeling healthier, stronger, fitter and what you are really looking for lighter, having lost that unwanted body fat.

All of the different Nutripure programs offer a real and sustainable program to create a healthier, stronger and slimmer you. No false theories or gimmicks. Applying the science of nutrition and metabolism you will achieve that your body functions more efficiently.

The starting point of each Nutripure program is the Nutripure Metabolic Test which provides a detailed analysis of your personal metabolic functions. This Metabolic test also highlights the essential nutrients needed for your own efficient metabolism and others that might hinder weight loss or prevent you from having optimal health, such as food intolerance, excess acidification, hormonal imbalances, etc…

Depending on how much weight you have to lose you could drop between 2-4 kilos in a 7 night program. It is recommended that at the start of the program you follow a three day Detox. On day 4 you would start the second stage with the addition of fresh fruit and healthy nutritious meals. If you prefer you do have the option of continuing with a liquid diet of smoothies. It is also recommended that you incorporate a colon hydrotherapy treatment as part of the program as well as following the exercise sessions with trained instructors.

The detox stage, relatively short, is the starting point of the Nutripure Program. The goal is to reduce the excess of sugar in the body´s cells. This will metabolize fat deposits from which energy comes.

Now your goal is to reach your desired weight. Your energy levels will improve, you will lose body fat and you will learn how to eat without feeling hungry with a plan designed around your needs.

Congratulations! You have reached your desired weight. Now you have to maintain it! At this stage you have a lot of energy, good humour, your skin is smoother and softer and your muscles more defined.

Using your holiday to follow such a program and kick start this new and healthy routine is a great idea. Get away from your normal daily routine with bad eating habits and dedicate yourself a whole week in which you will be supported on a daily basis by the Nutripure specialists. In addition, you will be encouraged throughout your daily exercise and of course you will enjoy some pampering as a reward for all the hard work!

Nutripure offers a unique package at the Son Caliu Hotel & Spa Oasis in Mallorca:

Their resident chefs will delight you with their superb culinary expertise, preparing typical Mallorcan fresh food tailored to your daily needs, in the hotel restaurant or in your hotel room as preferred.

  • Breakfast: You will start the day with fresh fruits, yogurt or a green smoothie
  • Lunch & Dinner: Fish, meat, cheese, legumes, combined with fresh vegetables, salad and fruit.

All your meals will be prepared according to the personalised Nutripure Program created for you, in line with the results of your metabolic test and always with the support and assistance of the Nutritionists and Metabolism coaches.

This is not a quick-fix program, but a program focused on creating a diet for you which suits your metabolism and which is therefore efficient, effective, easy to follow and to continue at home. And …. Very importantly, without ever needing to feel hungry!

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