Thalasso therapy in Murcia; Just as it should be!

Thalasso Therapy in Spain

Ever since the Romans, people all around the world have been using the therapeutic qualities of water to cleanse, heal and relax the body. The ancient tradition of bathing has gradually evolved into several modern treatments called hydrotherapy a generic term for water therapies. Thalasso therapy is such a form of hydrotherapy. Thalasso Therapy defines the therapeutic use of seawater and its components. Thalasso therapy is the use of these ingredients such as seawater, seaweed, mud, salt and algae in favour of our human wellbeing.

The Mercure Thalasia Hotel & Thalasso centre with its direct proximity to the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean sea, provides the ideal conditions for the effective application of the detoxifying and invigorating measures with seawater, algae and salt.

We recently visited the Mercure Thalasia Hotel & Thalasso centre ourselves to discover the advantage of Thalasso therapy ourselves. The Hotel is a very friendly hotel & Thalasso centre. We were impressed by the size of the Thalasso centre. The big round shaped building of the Thalasso centre already promises a lot; This is serious ¨Thalasso business¨.

The centre is located very close to the Mar Menor, which is Europe´s biggest inland sea. The particular climatological properties of the Mar Menor, which has a high percentage of sun throughout the year and a high level of salt, has meant that an area called the “little point” has been created for the production of its famous muds which contain a large amount of cations, calcium, magnesium, potassium, fluoride, chloride and sulphate, the true architects of healing properties.

At Thalasia they use the muds during some of the treatments, for example their signature treatment ¨Thalasia massage¨ which is a combination of mud application and warm sea water massage under the Vichy shower; HEAVENLY!  But as fun is to go to the shores of the Mar Menor itself and cover yourself in mud, leave it there for a while and then take a swim to wash it of. We did this on a beautiful warm spring day, if you go there in winter, we suggest to take the mud applications in the warmth of the treatment rooms J

The Thalasso pools in the Thalasia Thalasso centre are beautiful. The water used in Thalasia is extracted from over 1000m off the coast and about 6m deep thanks to sophisticated extraction process through a complex system of filters. It preserves the exceptional conditions whilst being under a strict sanitary control and constant renovation, which is in turn sent directly to the swimming pools and cabin treatment areas.

If you are not familiar with Thalasso therapy yet, then the Mercure Thalasia Hotel is definitely recommended, because they offer Thalasso programs starting from 1 day to as long as you like. You can chose a program, where you will be introduced into the concept of Thalasso therapy with an entrance to the seawater pools and a mud application or algae wrap or you could chose for a longer program like the Thalasso Health

Not only is seawater the perfect antidote to a hectic and stressful lifestyle, it is known to cure a number of illnesses and ailments; ease anxiety and stress, relieve insomnia, relieve fibromyalgia and arthritis pain, combat the physical signs of ageing and even to detoxify and support weight loss. A health program is focused on one or more of these ailments after a consultation with a doctor specialised in Medical hydrology.

Please have a look at this link to sea an overview of the programs we offer at the Mercure Thalasia Hotel and Thalasso Centre.

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